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Server Rules [09/08/18]
Durango.Network Rules
Last Updated: 09/08/2018 - TreySon D.

Requirements to play:
1. Clear Microphone
2. Solid Understanding of English
3. Proper Roleplay Name

General Rules:
1. No Spamming.
2. No Leaking Personal Information.
3. No Abusing Members or Staff.
4. No Advertising of Any Kind.
5. No Racial, Religious, or Gender Discrimination.
6. No Inappropriate avatars or images that includes no nudity, racism, and terrorist photos.

In Game Rules:
1. Exploiting / Power Gaming / General Etiquette
- Under NO circumstances do you leave the AOP.
- No logging out / in or abusing game mechanics to avoid roleplay situations.
- No disruptive behavior, IE - Abuse, Spamming music in bank robberies, yelling in PD or baiting police.
- Don't METAGAME or break character.
- Don't create invisible knives, choke people with handcuffs etc. You are not a wizard.
- Roleplaying rape is NEVER permitted. Doing so will result in a ban.
- CANNOT recreate any acts of terrorism on the server.
- Do not use hateful speech / disgusting insults.
- No Handling Mods.
- No Clientside Trainer.
2. RDM / VDM / Fail RP.
- RDM is not permitted no matter what.
- Killing someone must ALWAYS have a reasonable roleplay reason behind it.
- You can not murder someone unless they have threatened your life or have not complied with your reasonable demands.
- If you were not directly involved in the original RP situation, you can not shoot the police without initiating yourself.
- VDM is not Tolerated.
- You can only ram someone if you have already initiated.
- Failure to Roleplay is NEVER permitted.
- Do NOT go out of character ever if you need to speak out of character use the side chat.
- You must ALWAYS value your own life.
3. NLR (New Life Rule)
- You can remember friends.
- You cannot remember enemies.
- You cannot return to the scene of your death until 10 minutes after re-spawn.
- You cannot return to the same roleplay situation.
If you are REVIVED
- You can remember everything except the past 15 minutes and how you died.

- You can not re initiate in the same roleplay situation.
- You can be reintroduced to a roleplay situation via Law Enforcement charges / Restraining.
4. Bank Robbery/Jail
- You CANNOT rob the bank with less than 5 cops online.
- You CANNOT rob the bank during a priority or if priorities are on hold.
- You CANNOT take over the jail.
- You CANNOT exploit out of jail.
5. Civilian Side
- You CANNOT steal or use EMS/Police vehicles / Peds / gear
- During an active hostage situation or bank robbery with cops where you are directly involved, you CANNOT take the negotiator hostage.
- You CANNOT revive anyone while EMS are on.
-You CANNOT revive anyone in an active roleplay situation or gun fight.
- When medics go to revive you roleplay injured
- Medics have full custody of you after revived do what they say. If injuries are not that severe you can deny medical attention
6. Police Side
- You CANNOT taze people out of enclosed vehicles.
7. EMS/FD Side
- EMS/FD are a neutral force and do not take sides. This includes helping another faction.
- You do not revive people in an active gunfight.
- No Criminal Activity is allowed while you are on duty as an EMS/FD.
- EMS are in control of you after reviving you, do everything they ask and roleplay your injuries.

Chain of Command:
Senior Management Team:
Head Developer
Director of Operations
Director / Community Manager
Head Administrator
Server Helper

Failure to follow the rules can result in getting warning points and or banned.
Keep in mind the rules can change at any time so check frequently for announcements on discord for when it does happen.
Staff Word Is Final.

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